Embrace the world's favorite « art of living » and the most envied « lifestyle » both at the same time


Kiwis have a real affinity with the outdoors.

In Māori tradition, Papatūānuku is the land – Mother Earth, who gives birth to all things, including people. Therefore, humans strongly connect to the natural world.

At the same time, New Zealand is blessed with some of the most awe-inspiring natural environments.

From the beaches to the waterfalls to the mountains, New Zealander’s relationship with the land continues in how they respect it, admire it, and protect it.

French Art de Vivre

18,000 km away, the French Art de Vivre shares strong similarities with the Kiwi Lifestyle.

As we understand it, the French Art de Vivre is a poetic experience, like New Zealand, inspired by the special relationship between a land and its people.

It’s the way you cut the cheese, open an oyster, and serve a drink. A celebration of culture and creativity that touches every aspect of human pleasure from food to fashion, art to travel.

You’ll find it in the hidden detail, the discreet attention and the subtle gesture that makes a moment or accomplishment so memorable.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to foster mutual export opportunities between France and New Zealand.

Made with the same values of sustainability, craftsmanship, and authenticity, we believe in the power of brand labels such as « Made in France » and « NZ Made »  to make a positive impact in a changing global economy.

We cannot wait to act for a better tomorrow, and we truly believe that we must work together to succeed.

About Us

KIWIFRENCH is a Boutique Marketplace and Sales & Distribution Agency specializing in sustainable and lifestyle brands from France and New Zealand.

We work with premium retail partners, concept stores, and department stores.

With representation in Paris and Biarritz (France), and Auckland (New Zealand), we pride ourselves on being the perfect partner and ideal gateway for emerging and global brands wishing to enter or expand in Europe and/or Asia-Pacific.