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Uncle Walter’s: Pure Kānuka Essential Oil

Kānuka is indigenous to Aotearoa New Zealand. Uncle Walter’s essential oil is produced by distilled the flowers and the leaves. Mānuka and Kānuka are superficially similar species and are often confused with one another. Kānuka oil was used by Māori people and is often sold in New Zealand for its anti-worm, anti-bacterial and insecticidal properties. It is also used as pounded seed capsules to make a poultice (bandage) for running sores.

Uncle Walter lives and breathes Kānuka

It is nestled on the shores of the port of Parengarenga in a small and isolated rural community called Te Hapua that you will find Uncle Walter or, for those who know him best, Uncle “Walla”.

He lives and works here, in the natural environment of his ancestors where he collects the raw material from which he distills the finest and most natural of Kānuka oils.

The 77.7% alpha-pinene contained in this oil makes it a gold standard in holistic health. It helps to support the respiratory and immune systems.

Uncle Walter respectfully masters the sustainable harvesting and extraction of the powerful healing elements contained in the forests of his precious living environment. While the basis of his erudition is based on ancestral knowledge, he has also underpinned the quality of his product with laboratory analyses.

This Kānuka oil is considered by the experts who have analyzed it to be one of the best in New Zealand. In fact, the average alpha-pinene content of other Kanuka oils on the market is around 55 to 65%, while Walter’s oil contains 77.6%.

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A Miracle Gift of Nature to strengthen your immune system in a 100% natural way

For your immune system: It can be used as steam method inhalation or in essential oil diffusers during coughs or the flu to help clear the respiratory system, support the immune system and aid recovery.

For your mind: This essential oil is known to be calming and relaxing, and can be used to aid sleep.

For your skin: Use it as antimicrobial and healing activity, making it a powerful essential oil for minor wounds, stings, acne, and fungal conditions of the nails or skin.

For your body: It is also wonderful in a massage oil, penetrating deeply to ease stiff or sore muscles and joints.

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